Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Moses Knows This (Exodus 1-3)

Another book down!  It's into Exodus now, and I'm excited to be hearing Moses' story as told by Moses.  He was there for this stuff.  He knows and experienced how things went down.  Already the Israelites are being forced into hard labor and then.  Forced to kill their baby boys.  Sickening.  Even so, God is showing himself in the details.  It cannot just be coincidence that Moses' real mom is asked to nurse the mystery baby.  It was a happy ending for her, but I can't imagine the anguish her friends and relatives had to endure in their losses.

Happily, Moses was this chosen guy who is arguably the biggest deal in the Old Testament (and co-author of the world's #1 book year after year!).  I've said it before and I'll say it again- I love that God picks average guys, sinners (um, did YOU know Moses killed a guy and buried him in the sand?  Because I feel like my Sunday school glossed over that) to be history-altering leaders.  Moses wasn't a Harvard grad with an internship at a prestigious law firm thanks to his mad debating skillz.  He was a nervous (at best) speaker from the wrong side of the tracks who God plucked from the Nile and plopped down into greatness. 

I've read the Bible every day for 30 days now!  Do something for 30 days and it's a habit, right?  Unlike my caffeine addiction, this is one habit I'm glad I picked up.

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