Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Genesis 4-7

Over the weekend my husband and I drove to Toronto with some friends.  We were nearly to the Canadian border when we heard an alarming pop and in two seconds our tire was completely flat.  Things can go bad in a hurry.  Case in point: six chapters into the existence of man and morals were deflated.  Before God sent the floods we get a glimpse of the evil lurking when Cain* kills his own brother, and in no time the floodgates were open.  It makes me think I need to be on my toes- sin is a slippery and steep slope.

Another point that keeps jumping out at me is how much emphasis is on... well, creation!  In yesterday's reading it says three times in one verse alone (1:27) that God created people in his image.  Today's reading gives us more: "...When God created mankind, he made them in the likeness of God."  I love that.  No wonder God knows our every intricate detail- we are like Him!  Did this guy know what he was doing or what?!

*Some people think the "mark" God gave Cain was red hair.  As a redhead, should I be offended?  Or feel awesome?  I mean, the mark was really a safety net for Cain.  A safety hairnet, if you will.

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