Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jacob: A Hip Guy (Genesis 32-34)

There is so much packed into these two chapters!  And so much I did not know!  It always rather surprises me when I hear a Bible story I didn’t know or remember.  It started out familiar with Jacob and Esau reuniting (hooray!), but then it was all new territory!
Jacob wrestling God seems like a pretty big story- how could I not know this one?!  It’s a great, albeit confusing, story!  (Is confusion becoming a theme on my blog?  Maybe I should re-title it, “Totally Confused Face in the Bible.”)  I need to know- did Jacob really wrestle God?  Is this a literal part of the Bible or was he battling God in prayer, nervous about coming home, especially because Esau was reportedly coming to meet him with 400 guys who may or may not be ready to attack Jacob’s camp.  It seems to have really happened because we have Jacob's injured hip as evidence.  But whether or not it’s literal doesn’t matter to me; I like that Jacob struggled with God.  Sometimes I shy away from the big questions or squash my nervousness about God’s plan, but this story implies I can confront God with these issues.  And overcome them.  Not without some scarring, but it would be so worth it for the bigger, better faith.  So worth it.
Now Dinah I remember.  Although not as a rape victim.  Or the bit about the entire city being circumcised.  Or the murder and pillage.  Have mercy.  You cannot make this stuff up.  I feel like we see Dinah again in Judges (I’m scared to even type that, so uncertain am I) and I can’t wait to read up on her some more.  She turns out okay if I remember correctly, and I am interested in her future now that I know a bit more about her past.  We're zipping along!  I'm sure Judges (???) will be here in no time!

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