Thursday, January 3, 2013

Genesis 8-11

Today wrapped up the story of Noah and we came to the famous rainbow promise!  This is a fun story to teach in Sunday school; we have a little model ark and animals and the kids love imagining the chaos of being on a floating zoo.  Of course, they're four years old, so we leave out the part afterward when Noah gets drunk and naked!

My little girls received God's Little Princess Devotional Bible for Christmas and It. Is. Adorable.  I highly reccomend it to anyone with a little princess of their own.  We just started reading it and so far it's covering the same things I am in my Bible.  Yesterday's devotion included a skit to perform with the little princess(es), complete with a tempting apple. 

Both the Bible and God's Little Princess Devotional have some tricky names to sound out, but my favorite so far has been in Genesis 10:8 where we meet Nimrod.  One would think he was well, a nimrod, but in fact he was a mighty warrior!  Have you seen this meme yet?  Fits right in with today's reading!

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