Monday, January 7, 2013

Job 14-16

It was back to school at our house today.  I loved having a couple weeks off from packing my kindergartner's lunch, waking up early, laying out clothes, etc., but I have to say I was a little anxious to resume some sense of normalcy.  The holidays were lovely and joyful and chaotic and I'm ready for a routine again.

Job?  Also desiring some normalcy.  He continues to get into it with his friends (who I still determine are rock solid pals, especially given other "men open their mouths to jeer at me; they strike my cheek in scorn and unite together against me." 16:10) and just when I'm wondering how many more ways he can communicate his anguish, his "eyes pour out tears to God." (16:17) and my heart breaks for him all over again.  Because here's the thing.  When things seem crummy for me (my life would still appear bright and shiny to Job) I turn to God.  To Jesus.  To the Bible. 

Job did not have Jesus.  Job did not have the Bible.  Job had an Old Testament God who was scary as all get-out (let's not forget He had just flooded the entire world.  Mightily scary, no?)  So, my prayer today is one of thanksgiving.  Because when our Father seems too intimidating to approach, we have the gentleness of Jesus and the hope of the Word to remind of us of his love, even in our pitch black, Job-like, most hopeless moments.

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