Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Genesis 12-15

It’s back to Genesis today!  I noted three things in these chapters:
1.      The Pharaoh that married Sarai because he thought she was Abram’s sister and not his wife?  Is he the same awful Pharaoh that enslaves the Israelites later?  Because here he actually comes across as fairly kind.  I don’t think anybody would have batted an eye if he had Abram (and company) killed, but he let them all go and even keep all the stuff they had acquired.  Which leads me to my next point:

2.      God can love rich people.  I’m not exactly rolling in the dough, but relatively speaking?  I guess I sort of am.  And if you’re reading this blog?  On a computer?  Using internet access?  You are rolling in it too.  There are so many passages in the Bible that remind us how dangerous money can be (think camels and needles) that it’s a relief for me to read about gentlemen like Job and Abram who use their wealth responsibly and hooray!  Wind up in heaven.

3.      I love how God just keeps reassuring Abram about having descendants.  For one thing it makes super-godly Abram seem much more human.  He’s so nervous about the offspring thing- it’s cute.  Also, God just patiently continues to tell him these descendants are coming. (See 12:2, 13:16, and 15:5 for starters.)  What a comfort knowing that God will just keep assuring us for as long as it takes. 
Note: There's a lot of stuff about well... Lot in these chapters too.  Don't worry, he'll be back later and then I'm sure I'll used up all my alloted puns.

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