Monday, January 14, 2013

Job 38-39

Listen up!  In today's reading God spoke to Job!  I know the Bible is God-breathed and every word of it is full of Him, but when there are moments that God speaks and we get precious words from his holy mouth?  I feel like those are the real listen up parts of the Bible. 

Our Lord is so many things.  Enormous Things.  On any day at any minute I could give you an adjective that is true for me in that minute, and a hundred other people could too and all the words would probably be different.  But here's one that came to mind reading today's segment: sarcastic???  I feel a little blasphemous typing it!  But he just hands it to Job.  Regarding creation for instance: "Surely you know, for you were already born!  You have lived so many years!" (38:21)  Little aloe for that burn Job? 

Even in his "I mean business buddy" speech to Job, God gives us a glimmer of his tender side.  I love chapter 39, verses 1-2: "... Do you watch when the doe bears her fawn?  Do you count the months till they bear?  Do you know the time they give birth?"  I love that God knows when they give birth because he's been anxiously awaiting, and if he's that excited about a new fawn, can you imagine his anticipation of a human baby?  His delight when it arrives?

Wouldn't you take a surprising (if sometimes sarcastic) God over a predictable, one-dimensional, boring God any day? 

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