Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I am a Jesus girl.  I totally love that guy.  I read all kinds of fantastic books on being a good Christian, I teach Sunday school to the so-cute-I-could-gobble-them-up kids at church, I do Bible studies, I pray, I try (and fail, and try again) to be Christ-like.  I love it all.  But reading the entire Bible?  Has always intimated me.  Here are a few reasons why:

~ Parts seem a bit boring. (I'm talking to you Deuteronomy!)
~ I already felt like I was getting my "God reading" in via other books and studies.
~ There were some (wholly wrong) assumptions that I knew the most important parts of the Bible already. (i.e. Creation, Christmas story, Easter story, etc.)
~ I thought I could grow my faith and have a rock-solid relationship with Christ without taking the time to read God's word.

But I think you and I know the truth.  To really grow, to really know our Lord, it's going to mean getting my face in the Bible.

So, this year I'm doing just that.  Cover to cover, in chronological order.  I'd love for you to dive in with me.  No hard-core theology here, no right or wrong interpretations, just soaking up some faith, Bible-style. 

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