Monday, January 28, 2013

Jacob Has 10,000 Reasons (Genesis 46-47)

The big news in Genesis today is that Egyptians are reduced to servitude.  This is so sad and a huge deal later on, but it’s not what stuck with me in today’s reading.  All day I’ve been remembering dear Jacob.  He’s finally reunited with his precious Joseph, makes a big move with his whole (enormous!) family, and is nearing the end of his very full life.  The last words of the last verse of this day’s reading are a powerful image for me; I absolutely love it:  “…and Israel worshiped as he leaned on the top of his staff.” (47:31)  Is that precious or what?  Even as Jacob is close to death, even as he can’t stand without assistance, he is worshiping his God.
Over the weekend three gray hairs were spotted on my head.  I handled it fine (and by “fine” I mean I screamed and hit my brother who was laughing while I screamed (hysterically?), “Yank it out! Yank it OUT!”  Sometimes my husband says I overreact).  It was painful for me, but in all seriousness, I pray that when I am old and gray(er), or even when I’m just too worn and tired to stand up straight, I will be worshiping God with the loyalty and love of our man Israel. 
This song has been in my head since church yesterday (as my kids can attest.  I may or may not have been singing it into the baby’s bottle all day.)  It’s fantastic and fitting today, I think.

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