Friday, February 1, 2013

It's Just Not Pharoh! (Exodus 7-9)

Ew. So many plagues!  The Egyptians must be ready to wring Pharaoh's neck!  You know they're thinking, "Just give the Israelites their vacation time already!"  Except for the biology teachers of course, who probably loved the extra supply of frogs.  Anyone reading this has got to think the Pharaoh is completely nuts for not caving. I mean, these plagues are gross!  But it got me thinking about what plagues me.

Envy. Lack of self-control. Impatience. Loose lips. Just to name a few.  I'm sure if the wicked details of my life were put into a book for the world to judge, readers with a bird's eye view would be wondering why I don't just soften my heart.  Why don't I just submit to God and shed these plagues for good?  Like Pharaoh, I've told God I'm going to change; I've promised to be more patient, less gluttonous, kinder, gentler, more content, more merciful, more Christlike.  And then I don't; and then I'm not.

Let this be a lesson in judgement for me.  Pharaoh appears to be the villain in this story, but it turns out I've got a little Pharaoh in me that could stand to lose a plague or ten.

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