Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What To Wear, What To Wear (Exodus 39-40)

Happy Mardi Gras!  I've been celebrating by snacking all day long.  Imagine if the Israelites saw all the hullabaloo over this day.  I wonder if they'd whip up a manna paczki!

More on the ark, tabernacle, and priestly garments today.  I kept picturing Aaron's garments with bells and actual pomegranates, thinking God must have meant something besides the fruit.  Or maybe something got lost in translation.  But when I Googled an image of Aaron's robe, it turns out the fruit was what God had in mind!  You can't see very well in this picture (compliments of bible-history.com), but the things in between the bells on the hem really do look just like pomegranates. 

Bible-history.com says, "The pomegranates speak of fruitfulness (abundant seeds) and are symbols of the Word of God as sweet and pleasant spiritual food."  What a juicy tidbit!  I'll never eat a pomegranate again without thinking of Aaron and his wardrobe.  All this reading about the garments and their symbolic adornments has me thinking about the Pope as we've seen lots of him in the news these last couple days.  So I Wikipedied (that past tense just doesn't have the same ring to it as "Googled" does it?) the Papal regalia.  While the Pope doesn't wear anything resembling fruit, it was an interesting read.  My favorite of his accessories is "The Fisherman's Ring" that each Pope gets "with a depiction of St. Peter in a boat casting his net, with the name of the reigning Pope around it."
I know there was much more in these chapters about architectural details, but the girly girl in me just had to address the style of the day.  High Priest style, that is. 

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