Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Details (Exodus 28-35)

I don't want to say the details about the ark, altar, priests' garments, etc. are boring, but... it's a bit slow for me.  I found myself asking why this information was taking up precious space in our Bible; why did God care so much about these tiny details?  I brainstormed a few reasons.  Thoughts?  Additions?

1. God saw these people needed work, a purpose, as not to be bored.  He knew they would delight in this, just like he wants us to delight in our work.
2.  The Israelites needed to practice following directions; they needed to work on their humility, perhaps.
3.  Similarly, the Israelites maybe needed a lesson in dependence.  No doubt the people are at least a bit nervous using such an extravagant amount of gold, spices, colors, and fanciness.  God is trying to tell them, "I will provide for you!  You could use all the gum resin there is to use and I will provide.  Trust me."
4.  Finally, God could simply want to communicate to them that he means business.  This is a critical time and these things are not to be taken lightly. 

In any event, talk about a great architect.  Just because I get bored with these little details doesn't mean I don't love that God is in them.

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