Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Resolution

So far I am loving getting my face in the Bible.  I would never ever be spending this much time in God's word without a reading plan or without this blog holding me accountable.  Part of my pastor's Christmas Eve sermon is below.  I think it's so convicting and true.

"I resolve from this day forward to spend more time with Christ in His Word, and I will not make excuses anymore.  I will not allow my culture to convince me that the Word of God is not important.  I will sacrifice things in order to spend more time with Christ.  I will hear His Word in church, and I will let nothing get in the way of being in worship.  I will figure out how to study His Word on my own during the week.  I will pray to Him on my own, regularly.  I will spend more time with Christ, and I will let Him change me."

I'm so far from huge chunks of this, but I'm getting there.  Slowly, but surely; verse by verse!

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Anonymous said...

Nice job!