Monday, February 25, 2013

Keeping House (Numbers 3-6)

Our church is doing a bit of repainting; the church I grew up in is fundraising for a new roof; another church I frequent is adding a memorial garden.  Churches are like homes, there is always work to be done!  In chapters 3 and 4 of Numbers God details who is up keeping what in terms of the ark and tabernacle.  Can we take a moment for some shock and awe?  That 6,200 people were in charge of crossbars, tent pegs, and the like?  That 8,600 people were to take care of the sanctuary? (Including the lampstand, causing me to make blasphemous, Anchorman-esque "I love lamp" jokes to myself.)  It must have been some detailed care to employ that many men.

There are a lot of fancy church buildings these days, but there also seems to be a movement to simplify churches.  I've been reading more and more from church leaders reminding us a church is its people, not its building.  Churches can be big beautiful, old buildings or modern, high-tech buildings, log cabins, living rooms, gymnasiums, under bridges, on piers, in igloos, atop tree houses... wherever!  While it is important of course, to maintain buildings, I think people are on to something when they realize the real investment, the real maintenance should be on the people making up the church.  Likewise, while God cared deeply about his tabernacle and ark, he cared more about his people.

My church!  Redeemer United Methodist

This is where I was baptized and married.  First Presbyterian Church

I go here sometimes too and love it! Indian River United Methodist

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