Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Can't Stress This Enough (Exodus 22-24)

I spoke with a friend from college today who is putting her house on the market and moving her family several states away.  She's a little nervous to move her husband, two little kids, and two dogs to a new state, new climate, new job.  But she wants her kids to grow up near their cousins and grandparents.  So she knows this is a good thing, but that doesn't make a big move any less stressful.  I imagine the Israelites felt very similar.

If the Israelites were anything like me?  All the uncertainty and stress of being in limbo and being more or less a nomad would make me crabby every now and then (and I mean, every single now and then).  Maybe crabby with my neighbors.  What I'm getting at here is that all these laws I used to think were overly specific were completely necessary and logical.  More logical than some of the weird laws we have around today (a woman isn't allowed to cut her own hair without her husband's permission?!  Really??). To be completely honest, some of the rules I have at my own house that I fabricated are irrational.  Like... if you take the last Diet Coke without telling me, you're subject to a complete dressing down for as many days as I deem necessary AND are in charge of (immediately) buying the next 12 pack.

Clearly, it would serve me well to do as Moses did and consult God for fair rules in my home. And fair consequences.  Fingers crossed he's also a caffeine addict.  You'd better keep your hands off my Diet Coke just in case he has my back on that particular regulation.

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