Monday, February 4, 2013

Tension in the Desert (Exodus 16-18)

I sort of want to rip on the Israelites for being whiny and ungrateful, and make a lame joke like, "Of course they are. They're in the Desert of Sin!"  But the truth is, how can I blame them?  They're starving (oh goodness, nothing makes me crabbier than a rumbling stomach) and thirsty. Those are pretty basic needs.  So the biggest scold I can muster up is that they could have asked a little nicer!  Didn't they ever hear the old saying, you catch more quail with sugar than with vinegar?

I gave blood today and afterward (when my true pansy colors were showing and I was trying not to pass out) when I had to hold my arm straight up I was thinking, "I could really use Aaron and Hur about now."  Luckily no lives were dependent on my stamina.

Jethro gets a gold star for pointing out to Moses that the people's disputes should be brought before God.  It seems like that would be obvious, but like pretty much everything I'm learning I certainly don't apply that idea to my own life. It actually doesn't occur to me to take my disputes to God.  I don't have a ton of arguments, but it's absurd that I wouldn't take them straight to God when they do come up.  The truth is, I think I'm a bit scared he'll tell me I'm in the wrong.  Still, this seems like a much much better way to deal than fretting and stressing and telling off the opposition in my head all day every day.  Yes. Shiny, gold star for Jethro.  And Aaron and Hur too.

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