Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sass and Rivalry (Numbers 11-13)

I really enjoyed these chapters of Numbers.  I especially liked Numbers 11, verses 10-15.  First, I thought it served as a good reminder that God gets angry when we're whiny. It's not okay when you're three, and it's not okay when you're ninety-three. I think God wants us to ask politely for things; that can be an act of trust. But whining?  Nobody likes hearing that.

Also, I love it when Moses is frank with God. I was really excited about this for a second or two and then my excitement dwindled. My first thought was, "yes!  I can be sassy with God when I think He's put me in a crummy position!"  I mean Moses got a little lippy there didn't he?  With his hypotheticals?  Of course, before I could even fire off a brazen little prayer it occurred to me, "but Moses earned that right."  God has a purpose for me, surely, but let's not pretend it's equivocal to leading God's chosen people into their promised land.  Let me not think for a second I have the devotion, discipline, and connectedness that Moses had.  So, I still enjoy the frank talk between Moses and God, but I think I'll keep my prayers frank, but doused with respect too.

Finally I have to address the sibling rivalry going down in chapter 12.  It's bound to happen, especially when one's brother (Moses) is so clearly the favorite!  But I love that, "Moses cried out to the Lord, 'Please, God, heal her!'"  There were no formalities, no offerings, just a raw plea for his sister who had wronged him.  It's such a sweet, human side of Moses I find very touching.  I don't know what got into Miriam that she was causing trouble for her already stresssed-out baby brother, but we know she loves him.  Here is a painting by Anna Angelou of Miriam looking out for baby Moses:

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