Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stop and Go (Numbers 8-10)

God seems to be trying to teach me something about obedience.   It seems every sermon, verse, or thought that is laid on me screams, "obedience!"  Take today's reading from Numbers for instance.  Chapter 9, verses 15-23 to be exact.  When God's cloud moves, the Israelites move. When the cloud rests over the tabernacle, the Israelites set up camp. Even if that means not moving for years.  That's incredible obedience.   I am not a patient girl; no doubt I'd be the idiot huffing and puffing and blowing with all my might, trying to get that blessed cloud to scoot!

I hope this isn't terribly sacrilegious, but the stop and go of the cloud reminded me of this commercial.  I wish God really would honk at me when I'm heading down the wrong path!

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