Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bring On the Defects (Lev. 22-23)

I don't know about you, but I am not one for gore. I could totally do without all the blood and messy sacrificing in Leviticus. It does seem timely though, that I'm in the thick of this sacrifice-heavy book right as Lent is kicking off. Just as Christians everywhere are making sacrifices and reflecting on Jesus' ultimate sacrifice.

I found chapter 22, verse 20 compelling. "Do not bring anything with a defect, because it will not be accepted on your behalf." Nowadays we don't have any complicated animal sacrifices (thank you Jesus!), but we still make sacrifices of money, time, etc.  But how often are they without defect?  I admit, many times I just give God leftovers. For instance, more than once I've used whatever cash I have after filling all my other needs as my Sunday offering. Defective sacrifice. Or I'll volunteer  to help with something or other at church, and then moan and groan when I realize it will mean missing a Superbowl party (or whatever).  Defective sacrifice.

On the other hand, I am a firm believer in "fake it 'til you make it".  I don't want to not sacrifice my resources just because I don't set out with a completely joyful heart. They may look defective at first, but some of my greatest joys have started out as well, kind of a pain in my neck.  But then? It turns out they aren't even sacrifices at all.

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