Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Give Me A Break

Yesterday my parents were in town and gave me the day off.  I repeat, the day off.  It was glorious.  I left and did a couple things I had to do and then a couple things just for fun!  I took advantage of verbs I haven't seen since 2007; I lollygagged and meandered and browsed!  Lunch by myself was bizarrely quiet; nobody spilled anything, nobody stole my food, I didn't have to take anybody to the bathroom and then I didn't have to take anybody else to the bathroom.  It was truly heavenly.

We moms need a break now and then, yes?  Those tiny little kiddos are precious and lovable, but come on.  We're only human!  Last year somebody laminated this verse for me and it sits by my kitchen where I see it whenever I'm doing dishes, grabbing a washcloth to wipe a sticky kid down, or dumping curdled milk from a bottle that's been missing for two months.  Thanks to this little laminated verse my kids have been spared many an unnecessary scolding:

He tends His flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart; He gently leads those that have young. 
Isaiah 40:11

I especially love that bit about God gently leading those that have young.  It's music to my ears, and a spiritual break for my soul.

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