Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Soul Surfer

Monday in mid-Michigan was a cold, rainy day.  Perfect for watching a movie with my little girls.  We pulled our softest blankets out, put on comfy clothes, and snuggled in for a relaxing afternoon... of watching a girl lose her arm and nearly bleed out and die from a shark attack.  It's the stuff little girls' dreams are made of, right?!  Actually, we were watching Soul Surfer, the Bethany Hamilton story, and I make it sound way more graphic than it was. 

My girls were enraptured.  We haven't stopped talking about sharks, surfing, amputations, or tourniquets for two days.  Bethany Hamilton was only thirteen when she lost her arm in a shark attack, but her story is amazing.  She handled the situation with more bravery and grace than most adults would; her testimony is outstanding.  This darling girl used the publicity from the attack to spread the love of Christ, and she took the Word all over the world.  Someday Bethany Hamilton is going to surf on a gold plated surfboard with Jesus himself hanging ten next to her, I just know it.

Watch it with your family! (I checked it out at our library.)  But if you're watching with your kids, be ready to Google "blood transfusions" and the like for days after.
 This inexplicably makes me want to take up surfing.

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