Tuesday, October 29, 2013

God's Guidance

What a busy couple days!  Yesterday we celebrated my baby's second birthday.  I think she had a nice day.  The only thing in the world she wanted was a cupcake and I was able to make that happen, so... success!  Charlotte is your typical busy two year old.  Today she had a potty training accident on a paperback book, dumped the dog's food into her full water dish, squirted my stovetop cleaner all over herself and my floor, pulled all her clothes out of her dresser, and fell off a barstool.  That was the first half hour she was awake.  I spend a lot of time following her around and gently (or not) reminding her, "That's not for babies!" "No, no." "Charlotte, be gentle!" "Be careful! That will hurt you."  Often I have to pick her up and remove her (yank her) from whatever it is she's "exploring."

Our God is so good to give us free will.  It must take all kinds of supernatural restraint to watch us move closer and closer to making a huge mess, and not just take the stovetop cleaner away from us (or whatever- you know what I mean).  He may need to lovingly correct us with a holy tap on our misbehaving bottoms every now and then, but he gives us the free will and the responsibility to make our own decisions.  It may not always seem awesome, but we know in our heart of hearts that we couldn't have it any other way. 

I could not be further from perfect.  I make so many mistakes and poor decisions every day!  But with God's help, I'm hoping to take some baby steps.

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