Monday, October 7, 2013

Make Straight the Way

Reading the Gospel chronologically is so cool because it makes it easy to compare and contrast the experiences of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  It brings to light some things I've never noticed.  This phrase for instance:

"Make straight the way for the Lord."

John the Baptist uses these words (or some variation of them) to describe his job in each book of the Gospel.  That is a hard task!  The exact same task we were given!  But think how much harder John had it.  He did not have the power and support of a church behind him; he didn't have the benefit of Jesus already gracing the Earth and rising from the dead.  He didn't have Twitter for pity's sake!


If John the Baptist can spread the word about Jesus, we can do it.  With all the resources the church provides and the support of millions of Christians?  Plus, the historic evidence of Jesus' existence?  We have so much going for us!  We can make straight the way for the Lord!  And we don't even have to dress in camel hair to do it.

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