Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Merlot Down on Jesus' First Miracle

Isn't it frustrating when our kids don't perform on demand?  Do yours do this?  For instance, when your baby (let's pretend it's your first, so it's extra exciting) says, "Mama" loud and clear.  Or "Dada."  Or takes his first tiny step.  Of course you (I) call all the relatives, friends, neighbors, and not-so-close-acquaintances over to see your talented munchkin in action!  And nothing.  Not even a gurgle or coo that could be mistaken for "Mama." No steps.  Nada "Dada." 

And it's all, "Sweetheart, just say it!  Who am I?  What's my name?" and, "Seriously.  She took a step.  She must have some stage fright."  Now with clenched teeth, "Pumpkin?  Baby?  Come to Mama!"  And the door slams as the last guest leaves and baby yells, "Mama!" and runs into your arms.  You know this scenario, right?

I'm just imagining Mary at the wedding with Jesus.  I never really picked up on the... dare I say, tension? going on in this story.  She's reasoning, "Hey, they're low on wine.  Whadda you say we do them a solid?"  And Jesus doesn't want to!  How did I never know that part? "'Woman, why do you involve me?' Jesus replied.  'My hour has not yet come.'" (John 2:4)  And Mary knows what He's capable of and how awesome He is and she can't bear the world not knowing about Him for one second longer!  She just goes for it! "His mother said to the servants, 'Do whatever he tells you.'" (John 2:5)

I love how human and motherly she is here.  She knows (at least a piece of) his potential and just can't help herself.  She outs Him and celebrates with a glass of fine, miraculous wine.  Cheers Mary!

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