Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Good Wife (1 Samuel 25-27)

Let's hear it for Abigail!  What a... gal!  She is brave and honest and wise; there are tons of lovely adjectives for this lady.  When I Googled Abigail, most of the things that popped up were about how this ordinary woman did a remarkable thing and made a huge difference (oo! oo! I can't wait until we get to Esther!) and God wants us to do the same.  Which is true!  We can all be remarkable and change the world with God's help.  We may not get to marry a king for it, but bravery like that does not go unnoticed by God.

Here is what I thought was interesting about Abigail though.  She knew her spouse's weakness and stepped in, if not to spare him, then for the rest of the household.  I am married to the anti-Nabal, so I can't even try to make some kind of comparison.  But!  My husband pulls an "Abigail" on a regular basis.  He knows my limitations and my weaknesses and steps up to bat so our household doesn't go to ruin.  He does our taxes, for instance.  We both know it would be crazy for me to do any kind of math, so he does them and consequently, we aren't thrown in jail.  I affectionately call him the "garbage fairy" because he just makes the bags of garbage disappear! (I forget Monday is garbage day every week). I could rattle off a bajillion things he does because I simply can't (or won't- like empty mouse traps.  Lord, have mercy.)

There is a lot to be learned by dear Abigail; she left a great legacy.  I just want to throw one more log on her character fire: Abigail was a good wife.

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