Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Wouldn't Want To Arm Wrestle... (Judges 13-15)

Samson.  Don’t we just love a story with some muscle?  Hercules, He-Man, Superman, Popeye, the Incredible Hulk... the freakishly stronger, the better!  When I was in high school I had a tiny little beta fish named Samson- I do love me some irony!
Until recently, I thought Samson was this great hero, and he was… in a roundabout kind of way.  It seems like his heroic acts overshadow his mistakes when we normally hear his story.  I mean, let’s be honest here.  Samson did every single thing he was not supposed to do!  Really, up until maybe a year ago when my pastor did a series on Judges, I didn't realize how naughty our Samson was with his drinking wine (like a fish- ha!) and eating honey out of a lion carcass (ew.) 
Even so, God stayed with him and was determined that Samson was the guy to carry out this particular job.  So cool.  Even when we wander off course, God makes sure we find our way in his plan for us.  Hopefully his plans for us have a happier ending than Samson’s.   Samson did lead the Israelites for twenty years, which I also didn’t know.  I rather thought the riddle fiasco and the Delilah fiasco all happened in one fell swoop.  But it looks like that is a story for another day.  Tomorrow, for instance!

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