Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saul Psy-kicks The Bucket (1 Sam. 28-31; Psalm 18, 121, 123-125, 128-130)

The truth is, I've been to a psychic more than once.  I was completely intrigued by the claims of psychics and I knew people who had some bizarre experiences with them.  When we moved next door to Cassadaga, FL, the "Psychic Capital of the World" it seemed crazy not to go check things out.  Long story short, the clairvoyant I saw was right about some stuff and wrong about some stuff.  Shocker.  I went back to him one more time and then to another lady.  It's always an entertaining experience, but I doubt I'll ever be back and here's why:

~ I'm not totally sold on the whole thing.  I think most psychics are just good at reading people.  Not their palms- more like their nonverbal cues. (I know, I know, the Long Island Medium lady does seem legit!)
~ I have a much stronger faith these days.  I'm confident communication with God will give me all the spiritual connectivity I'll ever need.
~ One may rouse a spirit who tells me I'm going to die the next day.

Saul!  Wouldn't you have rather not known you and your sons were all going to die the next day?  Maybe if you hadn't visited the medium that you had outlawed, you would still be alive today!  (Just kidding, but maybe he would have lived a bit longer at least!)  I don't much believe in psychics anymore, but I do believe in self-fulfilling prophecies.  Saul believed what he heard and it became so. 

It is good news for Israel though.  We're on to 2 Samuel!  The man of God's own heart is going to finally be crowned.

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