Friday, March 29, 2013

A Terribly Good Friday

Happy Good Friday!  If you're like me, you have a hodge podge of emotions on Good Friday.  On the one hand it is this solemn, sad day.  On the other hand is the gorgeousness of John 3:16.  So if I wish you a "Happy Good Friday!"  I promise I'm not being sacrilegious, I really mean, it's the happiest, heartbreaking day for me.

The other day my girlfriend Carla brought this article to my attention: "What's Plaguing Passover Feasts? Some Say Rituals Need Spicing Up" I thought it was interesting and funny.  Nobody better bring any live frogs to a party of mine, but to each his own!  Not everyone is excited about some of the twists on old rituals, but I don't think God minds one bit, do you?   Especially if kids are taking part in the action.  Obviously they're going to remember the Passover story much better if they get beaned with a fake locust. 

Speaking of twists on rituals, my cousin is married to an Indian gentleman, so we went to her house yesterday to celebrate Holi.  Easter and Holi generally fall around the same time, so she likes to combine the two holidays for her daughters.  Yesterday she organized an egg hunt for the kids, but the eggs were filled with colored powder.  Traditionally, Indian kids throw this powder at each other to celebrate the beginning of Spring and the return of color to the world.  My kids got a huge kick out of it and I was happy they were getting some culture.  But I tried to reign them in a bit today and remind them that for us, Easter is not about eggs, jelly beans, colored powder, bunnies, or cute little chicks.  Just one perfect Lamb.


Carla said...

Happy Good Friday to you, too!

Carla said...
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Carla said...
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