Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sheepish (Numbers 28-30)

I follow the hilarious author, Jen Lancaster, who tweeted the other day, "Eight hours and thirty dollars worth of ingredients later, it turns out no one here actually likes lamb. (Except three very lucky dogs.)"  It made me laugh and reminded me of a story another hilarious author, Jen Hatmaker, told at a conference I attended in November.  She was trying to prepare lamb for a traditional Passover meal and was boiling the meat when she figured it was safe to take her kid to school.  On the way home her girlfriend called and invited her over and Jen, completely forgetting about her lamb on the stove, agreed.  Three hours later she remembered and flew home to a completely destroyed meal.  You could say she felt sheepish.  Anyway, I won't be attempting to serve lamb anytime soon, which is fortunate because these Jens are brilliant gourmet chefs next to me.

There's a lot of talk about sheep and lambs and bulls and rams in today's chapters.  A lot.  And all I have to add are some baaaad cooking stories.  And the interesting fact that sheep are the most mentioned animal in the Bible.  No surprise, since they were such a common sacrifice in the Old Testament.  Of course, there will be much, much more about sheep: a shepherd turned king, parables featuring sheep, shepherds worshipping a tiny baby, and the Lamb of God.  With Easter coming up there are lots of cutesy little sheep all over the place; I have to admit, I have a whole new respect for the species knowing the role they've played in Scripture.

For more interesting facts about sheep in the Bible, check out www.sheep101/info/sheepbible

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