Monday, March 18, 2013

Soft Words In Harsh Times (Deut. 17-23)

Sometimes I’m just reading along, and wham!  I hit a blurb that just lays me out.  In this case it was Deuteronomy 20:5-8.  By itself the section isn’t anything particularly surprising, but in the context of these cutthroat, impossible-to-follow-in-our-modern-day rules and laws and punishments?  These verses were a breath of fresh air.  It’s threat after threat in Deuteronomy; a lot of quick movement to capital punishment!  But then God sneaks in something sweet and soft like, “Hey!  You should have a chance to enjoy your new home, your new vineyard, your new wife.  Or if you’re afraid?  It’s better that you don’t fight.  I get that you are human.”

Every now and then God gives us words in the Word that remind me he is not just a Judge, but also our Father.  It’s no secret that the Old Testament can be difficult to read, and even harder to understand, so it’s absolutely critical to listen carefully and be on the lookout for our Creator to speak lovingly to us in the harsh atmosphere of the Old Testament.

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