Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Book Recommendation

If you are looking for a more uplifting spiritual read after the seriousness of Deuteronomy 28-29, may I recommend You Are Special by Max Lucado?  My daughter's teacher gave it to her at Christmas and it brings me to happy tears every time we snuggle up to read it (it's a great snuggling book).

The Wemmicks are little wooden people who have made it their job to judge each other day in and day out.  Until one little Wemmick visits his Creator.  He starts spending time with the Creator every day and... well, I don't want to spoil the ending!  You can imagine though, right?  He realizes his worth. (Ok, I spoiled it.  Oops.)  I hope that's what we're doing here at Face In The Bible.  I hope by spending a little time with our Creator every day we are finding that his opinion of us is the only one that matters.

Here is the book.  Read it to your babies or by yourself.  And stock up on the tissues.

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