Monday, March 4, 2013

Repetitive Redundancies (Numbers 14-22)

I had a lot of reading to do today!  A busy (and fun!) weekend with company meant skipping a couple days on the reading plan. But I'm all caught up now!  Did you watch The Bible on the History channel last night?  I thought it was terrific. Never mind we know how all these stories end; I was as anxious as if I were hearing about them for the first time.  I'm already looking forward to next Sunday night.  Thank you History channel, for filling the hole that the season finale of Downton Abbey left in my heart and my weekend!

Of course, the series is leaving out some things, as the producers would just have to do because of time restraints. One story I'm willing to bet is cut is the talking donkey part in Numbers. I do not remembering hearing about this before!  It turns out Balaam was the stubborn one in this story, that I know I've never heard a sermon or lesson on.  My Sunday school kids would love it, although I worry they'd liken it to the donkey in Shrek...

For an outsider looking in, the Israelites can come across as such twerps. They mention the lack of menu options for the bajillionth time, and are always asking Moses for the same things.  Just like, um... me!  Darn it!  It's so true.  It actually ould not be truer.  I ask God for the same things over and over.  And over and over.  And if Moses were chronicling my prayers, my requests?  They'd certainly come across like the redundant cries of the Israelites.  I wouldn't blame God if he wanted to beat me like that poor, chatty donkey. 

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