Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Be Good! Have Fun! Be Good! (Deut. 23-27)

As I mentioned, my oldest daughters are on vacation with their grandparents for a few days.  Before they left I drenched them with reminders: "Don't go anywhere with someone you don't know!" "Wear sunscreen!" "Make healthy food choices!" "Say 'please' and 'thank you'" "Keep your elbows off the table" "Be kind to each other!" "If you're separated, find a mom or grandma to help you!" "Be good, be good, be good!"  I repeated myself over and over, even as I was buckling them into the car.  Of course I also sent along notes for them to open every day with... You guessed it- the same reminders again.  I'm certain that my kids love this about  me.

Here we are in Deuteronomy where poor, not-going-to-the-Promised-Land Moses is (bedgrudgingly?  Probably not, that would just be me in his sandals) repeating and reminding the Israelites about how they are to behave.  Sometimes these verses seem a little cobbled together, but of course they are cobbled together!  Moses has a lot to remember.  He's probably going on about something or other when he sees whatshisname who always carries rocks and feathers around and "Oh! That reminds me, no differing weights in your bag!"

Today a friend asked me if the chronological reading plan would have us jumping around anymore or if it's just a straight shot now.  I'm not entirely sure to be honest.  When I Googled a chronological list of the books of the Bible, there were so many versions my head spun.  So I still don't know.  Helpful, right?  If I find a reliable list I'll let you know; in the meantime it will just be a daily surprise!

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