Monday, March 11, 2013

It's Deuteronomy!

It looks like it's time to learn how to spell "Deuteronomy"!  I certainly won't be able to work in as many puns as I could with Numbers, but I'm happy to be in Deuteronomy, nonetheless.  It's the last book of the Torah!  I heard once that in Jesus' day, young boys (think first-graders) had to memorize the Torah- can you imagine?!  Here is a blurb about Deuteronomy from the Asbury Bible Commentary:

"Much of Deuteronomy was first delivered orally and then put into writing.  Its skillful poetics and documentary structure indicate this dual origin.  Its admonitory and sermonic material is especially geared to encourage and persuade its readers to complete commitment to the Lord and his proffered covenant."

The Bible series on TV has already zoomed past Deuteronomy.  I love the series, but it has to skip so many important details to squeeze everything in.  Also, one just doesn't feel the same connectedness to God watching television as with cozying up to his living Word.  So bring on the Deuteronomy!  I'm excited to read this verse by verse and hear what God has to say in this final book of the Torah.

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