Sunday, November 17, 2013

Painting Jesus

It is windy in mid-Michigan today!!  We've been under tornado watches all evening, and my power has been flickering, so I wanted to check in and wish everyone a happy Sunday while I still can.

I did Painting With A Twist (more like Painting With A Twister in this weather!) for the first time today- it was so fun!  I'll show you my picture if you promise not to laugh.  And only because you can't see the paintings my much more talented friends whipped up! 

My one and only masterpiece.

Oh, it's baby Jesus if you aren't entirely sure what you're looking at.  In any event, it was a blast and I'm definitely going back.  My house will be properly (if not pitifully) decorated in no time!

I hope you have a lovely week; I have an awesome treat in store for you guys this week!  No, I won't be downloading more pictures of my handiwork, it's much, much better than that.  So stay tuned friends!  And Michiganders?  Don't blow away!!

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