Friday, November 15, 2013

Easter in November

Today I spent the morning helping out at my daughter's preschool.  It was fun and hilarious and I drove 80 mph to get home to my Diet Coke because it was exhausting.  Exhausting in the most delightful way possible of course, but seriously.  How preschool teachers make it through two and a half hours every other day without Mountain Dew pumping intravenously into their system is a mystery to me.  I love each and every one of those munchkins, and I know!  The kingdom of heaven belongs to them and everything, but I'm out until 2014.  I'll be using every moment until my next visit training for... well, my next visit.

My little preschooler. By herself, harmless.  Armed with 19 friends? Hook up my IV.

In Bible news, it's Good News!  After the heaviness of Jesus' crucifixion, I made it to the joy and hope of the first Easter!  Glory, glory!  I love every word of it, Jesus appearing to Mary, the disciples doubt and then excitement, his healed body, all of it!  Aren't we blessed to celebrate his resurrection every Spring?  I can't wait.  Have you ever read the "Preacher Creature" books by Mike Thaler?  There is one called the Easter Egg Haunt in which a little boy asks his Sunday School teacher why we call Easter, Easter and then jokingly asks if it's because the "Son" rises in the east.  Cute!  Maybe I'll read it to the preschoolers next time I venture in.


Carla said...

That is one gorgeous little girl. Love that picture!

Julie said...

She's alright. :)