Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Being Evangelical

As promised!  Here is another guest post by the lovely Brooke!


Outreach Evangelism is necessary, and I want to urge you to pursue people relationally. People need Jesus - a friend to listen and care for them and we should be a reflection of His heart for them. Take time to ask people how they're doing and let them talk, you'll find you'll be able to insert Jesus with a simple encouragement and as the conversation builds, the door will fling open and you'll be able to share Jesus with them.

BUT practically it's good to know some kinds of people you'll encounter:

"MEAN GOD" These people have heard the message of Jesus but have been delivered a God who's mad, has too many rules, and makes bad things happen, so they've said, "Screw that; if that's who Jesus is, I don't want Him."

These people might need you to explain God isn't to blame for the bad in this world; the devil is fighting for souls and his mission is to kill, steal, and destroy. (John 10:10.) Once they understand we simply live in a fallen world you can start to give examples of how God ultimately has power over it all and He makes all things work for the good of those who love him. (Romans 8:28)

Share stories of ways the enemy has tried to ruin you and how God came to save you and granted you victory!

"THERE'S GRACE" They're okay with where they are, most don't know the 'more' of God and don't care for the fellowship of believers. They acknowledge He's real and that's about it. "I don't go to church or read the Bible, but I pray every night and know He is real."

These people need to know about the more, and if you want to effectively grab their attention you have to be pursuing it yourself. Most of the individuals in this category are walking in sin, not understanding every area of sin is a love deficiency and a counterfeit of God's true intention.

For example; someone struggling with lust and adultery doesn't know intimacy was created by God and intended for marriage to help us understand Him as the bridegroom and us as the bride. The word for "lay with" in the Old Testament is Hebrew for "to know." Sex is the reflection of vulnerability and deep knowing, hence why relationships are always more of a mess when sex if involved. Of course the devil wants to destroy intimacy so people would never know God intimately so they would never know how much they're loved.

The devil offers small moments of satisfaction that slowly kill us and eventually people will find this to be true and they'll want to feel the real love God intends, a small sacrifice that will always bring life.

THE "ATHEIST" From my experience you will never argue a atheist into the love of God.

Apologetics are important to research and know, but it's far easier to pray continually for God's love to overwhelm them than to argue with someone who's not ready to hear your side anyway. Most of these people have been severely hurt by people in ministry or have felt cheated by God (much like the "MEAN GOD" folks) and have talked themselves into this false theology.

If you continue to show them love and ask deep questions about their childhood and past life experience, you'll be able to minister to their hearts covertly and you'll watch as God works in their lives despite their skewed view of Him.

REMEMBER; There is no formula of how to get people to the saving knowledge of the cross; this is not a script. Continue to ask Jesus throughout the day who needs His love and He will highlight people for you to approach whether it's a family member or the cashier at the supermarket. All God needs is a willing vessel!

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