Sunday, March 2, 2014

Which Biblical Heroine Are You?

I have fought off the temptation.  Day after day.  Friend after friend.  And today I caved.  I took a Buzzfeed quiz.  A Facebook friend posted, "Which Biblical Heroine Are You?" and come on.  How could I not?  I clicked on that link faster than you can say RuthNaomiEsther.  I answered as very honestly as I could (Although there were a couple toss-ups.  I like to knit while watching TV to relax!)  My results?

Drum roll please....

Mary, Mother of Jesus.

That is very generous.  The description was even more generous.  My husband and I read it together and laughed at how completely un-me it was.  For instance, "You're always there to nudge someone in the right direction..." "'Nudge!'" we joked, "maybe shove!"  Another great phrase was, "Quiet and caring..."  Quiet?!  It actually causes me physical pain not to type entire posts in Caps Lock, so do I love being LOUD!!!  Ask my brother who frantically turns his volume down before he'll take a call from me. 

Inaccurate as it may be, I'm certainly not re-taking the quiz.  I don't want to wind up with Eve and suddenly be responsible for the downfall of all mankind. (Uh, no offense if you got Eve!  I'm sure she was lovely.)  Are you dying for the link now?  Have at it.  Which biblical heroine are YOU???

Edit: Oh dear.  I just saw a related quiz: "Which One of Jesus' Disciples Are You?"  I think it's safe to say the rest of the evening will be a wash.  I'll be taking quizzes if anyone needs me.


Carla said...

HAHA! You're so funny!

Julie said...

Take it!! Tell me what you get!

Carla said...

I did. It was Abigail. You know, the lesser-known Biblical woman. The description was equally as not-me. : )