Monday, March 10, 2014

I Always Did Love Green

It's time to play "Where Are They Now?"  Here is Tommy, the Green Power Ranger, back in the Power Ranger glory days:

Go, go Power Ranger! (I don't know what the real catchphrase was.)
I was more of a Ninja Turtle girl myself (I heart Michelangelo!), so I would NOT know the answer to where Tommy is now (and like you, would be really confused about why anybody would be asking me about him).  I still wouldn't know what Tommy is up to these days if my brother hadn't sent me this picture the other day:

Tommy?  You're so much less... green!
Look at him now!  He is an MMA fighter!  (That stands for Mixed Martial Arts.  I had to ask.)  His tattoo reads, "Jesus Didn't Tap."  I had to ask about that too.  I mean duh.  You can't tap in sandals.  There was a bunch of conversation and laughing at me, but once I got it, I loved it.  Jesus didn't pass the buck.  He didn't have a person to bail him out.  Jesus was our whipping boy.  In fact, not only did Jesus take the fall for us on the cross, every day He is waiting for our taps.  When we are weighed down with confusion, fatigue, loneliness, grief, guilt, when life is simply too heavy to bear, we need only tap for Jesus.  TKO every time.

I have new respect for Jason David Frank (fka the Green Power Ranger).  He gets it, and is letting the MMA world know it.  And you know what?  More Power to him.

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Love it.