Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Good Book With A Crummy Title

My sister promised me I could read this book when she was done, so I absentmindedly asked, “Have you finished Killing Jesus?”  Nobody wants to answer that in the affirmative.  But she did finish and now I have too.  The book was great.  Spoiler alert: it has the same ending as the one you already know.  Sorry.  But the authors really did their homework and the history and political tidbits are fascinating.

I’m not sure how to tactfully write this.  The Roman rulers?  Were pervy.  Shame on them!  And ferocious.  Back then rulers killed people like they were getting points for creativity.  We are sneaking up on the Lenten season, when Jesus’ death is magnified, and I’m here to tell you this book magnifies the crud out of our Savior’s crucifixion.  It’s as gruesome and painful to read as it is important.  I’m telling you because I wish somebody would have warned me about the gory parts of the book.

If you’re going somewhere tropical and beach-y for Spring Break?  Take some Janet Evanovich.  But, if you want a historically accurate, thought-provoking book to pick up this Lent, pick up the aforementioned book.  The one with the crummy title.

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