Friday, March 7, 2014

Lentertaining Social Media

We are a few days in to Lent now.  Ash Wednesday was well-publicized this year, thanks to social media.  My girlfriend brought this Wall Street Journal article to my attention:

I understand some people feel like tweeting one's own ashy forehead is flip, but I don't agree.  If people want to go to a church service on Ash Wednesday just so later they can put up a selfie?  I'm okay with that!  I'm certainly not going to lash out at them!  In fact I took my own selfie on Wednesday.  It wasn't exactly for social media, but in large part to note how swollen my jaw was after I fell and slammed my face onto a ledge. (You might say, I crashed before I ashed.)  Was it in front of bleachers full of people?  Yes, actually.  I wish I had given up public humiliation for Lent.

Frankly, I think Ash Wednesday selfies are an awesome way for non-believers to see how many people from how many walks of life are honoring God by kicking off Lent by visiting His house for some worship.   I say next year we blow up some Twitter feeds and abuse that #ashtag.  "Like" some ashy Instagram pics.  Facebook our ashes.

I pray Jesus is trending.  Not just during Lent, but year round.

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