Monday, March 24, 2014

Basketball and Derbies and Justice, Oh My!

Happy Monday!  What an exciting weekend!  Exciting enough to merit a countdown!  Here are my top three thrilling(ish) moments of the weekend.

1. Michigan State is not disappointing!  Our team is a favorite to win this NCAA thing and they are well on their way!  Go green, go white!  Goooo cute apparel that I love to sport!

2. We went to our first roller derby!  It was fun and funny!  Why don't all athletes use punny names?  Adrien Payne In Your Neck.  Sydney Cross-Checkby.  Jerry Rice You to the End-Zone.  Seriously.  We fans should insist on this.  Anyway, the derby was fun, but I'm sticking to basketball these days because I understand the scoring in that game.

3. Our church hosted a guest speaker from IJM (International Justice Mission), and I had the honor of going to lunch with him afterward.  As I've mentioned, our church formed a Justice Team after a different speaker came last year (also from IJM).  After hearing him, we simply could not continue as though we hadn't heard the stories and the statistics.  We've been meeting for a year now, and are as determined as ever.  This year Seth Wispelwey came to speak- he works in IJM's Government Relations and Advocacy department.  The timing was perfect- Seth was able to provide us with some information about how we may want to organize our team, how to utilize our congregation's strengths, ways to support IJM, and how to be active locally.  He provided tons of resources, and all the templates a justice team could ever want.  Having the chance to pick Seth's brain was the most exciting part of my weekend.

If you are interested in justice- internationally or domestically, check out the resources available on IJM's website.  Another great organization that is fighting human trafficking is Polaris Project.  And if you suspect a human trafficking case (or would like to find out about volunteer opportunities) call this number: 1-888-373-7888.

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