Monday, March 17, 2014

A Lesson In Hospitality

Next year my Little Middle is going to be in kindergarten if you can flipping believe it.  So, last Friday we went to her school-to-be to sit in on a current kindergarten class.  We were both just a little nervous, no doubt about it, but you guys?  I was completely schooled.  These tiny five year olds put me to hospitality shame. 

Now, I love having people to my house.  I want you to feel comfortable here!  I do.  Which is why it isn't ever totally clean.  I am going for a lived-in, homey feel (is what I tell myself).  I am happy to offer you a beverage (unless it's my last Diet Coke, but I assure you, our water is crisp and refreshing!) Really.  I am happy to open my home to friends.  Even friends of friends!  But these kindergarteners?  Were over the top hospitable.  Is hospitality part of some standardized test I don't know about or are kids just kinder these days? 

Here are some instances:
  • Immediately as we sat down after the teacher introduced us, a little girl came up to Adrienne and wordlessly gave her a gentle hug, then floated like a little angel back to her seat.
  • The teacher gave Adrienne the same worksheet the rest of the class was working on, and as she carefully did her work, no less than three dear little boys walked past and looked over her shoulder and whispered, "You're doing good!" "Hey, good job!" "You're good at that!"  (I mean, she was doing fine, but not unusually so- let me just be honest.)  Multiple kids also checked in with her to make sure she had a gluestick, scissors, pencils, etc.  All the tools she needed to excel in her first hour of kindergarten.
  • When the kids were practicing telling time, a little girl raised her hand and said, "We should give Adrienne a turn!"  Generous, because ALL the kids were begging for a turn to move the hands on this big clock and the teacher had explained only three kids would get a turn.
  • Finally, at the end of the day, the teacher picked a little guy to pray.  He began, "Thank you for our guests and that Adrienne is going to be in this class next year." Then he said some other adorable things, that I didn't hear because I was concentrating on not crying.
I know kids can be cruel, and we hear a lot about bullying these days, so when kids are being amazing and welcoming a complete outsider into their little worlds, I just can't leave it unmentioned.  Something tells me the next generation of kids may even offer up the last of their Diet Cokes someday.  Tell me that doesn't just warm your heart.


Carla said...

What great kids!! How wonderful for you all. Even as a diet mountain dew drinker. :)

Steph said...

Jewels, I love your writing! You have serious skills. And these kindergartners sound very sweet.