Monday, May 13, 2013

Tune In

Sometimes I joke that I need a prayer thesaurus because I use the same words in every prayer that comes out of my mouth.  It’s a lot of, “Please help…” and “Just let me be….” and “I can’t thank you enough for…” and “If you can- well, I know you can, but if you would….” and did I mention “Lord, please help!!”  So when I read Psalm 96:1 and Psalm 33:3 I was struck by the “newness” of these verses suggesting that we “sing to the Lord a new song.”  I’m pretty sure this isn’t just intended for our churches’ Music Directors. 

In fact, I’m quite certain God wants us to be wildly creative in our worship of Him.  I trust God loves hearing our songs of praise (well, maybe not my off-key tunes, but yours for sure!!), but I get the feeling from these verses that we shouldn’t be limiting ourselves to a few hymns to express our love.  In addition to our rockin’ hymns, I think God wants us to pray about things we don’t normally pray about, talk to people we tend to avoid, stop being grumpy in the morning, smile at a stranger, befriend an atheist (with no intention of dragging him to church!), increase an offering… do something NEW!! 
Of course, some good old-fashioned singing to God at the top of your lungs is pretty awesome too.  Here's one that's good for singing and dancing!

I'm behind on reading, but here's what I've done since my last post:
Psalm 1-2, Psalm 15, Psalm 22-24, Psalm 47, Psalm 68
Psalm 89, Psalm 96, Psalm 100-101, Psalm 105, Psalm 132
2 Samuel 7, 1 Chronicles 17
Psalm 25, Psalm 29, Psalm 33, Psalm 36, Psalm 39

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