Sunday, May 12, 2013

Oh, Deer Me

My face has not been in the Bible.  It has been attached to my head, which has been banging against the wall thanks to my Internet woes!  I won't bore you with details; I seem to be up and running right now, so that's good news.  Sadly, I've also fallen several days behind in my Bible reading....

My husband is in the woods turkey hunting today.  He is an avid hunter, and I was thrilled to find this book for him last fall:

It's a great book of devotions for hunters.  And wives of hunters too, I guess, since I've been known to peruse it every now and then.  Here is a blurb that seems fitting these days, as I have been struggling to find the time or ambition to get my face in the Bible:
"It's impossible to know how many deer I have never seen because I didn't make the effort to really study the woods.  And when it comes to the Scriptures, I shudder to think what I have missed as a result of reading it with no particular motivation other than curiosity or just 'get in a daily quota.'  I want to do better..."
With the busyness that comes with warm weather upon us, I pray we all still find divine motivation to get our faces in our Bibles.  I'm especially talking to myself here!  A blog is a great way to be held accountable, but... it shouldn't be the only reason I'm spending time in Scripture, right?!  I'll be catching up on Psalms, Chronicles and 2 Kings quickly (and prayerfully!) and will be back on task around here!

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