Friday, May 17, 2013

An Old Testament Soap Opera

Oh, the drama!  I feel so fortunate to be part of a family with minimal drama.  Very minimal.  I mean, as far as I know the cousins, aunt, uncles, siblings, even the in-laws, actually enjoy getting together and hanging out!  But I've heard the horror stories; I know not every family is so lucky.  Take David's family for example.

Yikes.  Whoever said reading the Bible is boring, didn't read David's scandalous goings-on.  When he has his friend Uriah killed, I'm so angry at him I want to take a pebble to his noggin, David and Goliath-style.  A few short verses later my heart is breaking for him when his firstborn son dies.  Talk about an emotional roller coaster.  And then there's the wrongness of 2 Samuel 13-15 when David's kids are scheming and being horrible.  Then it really hits the fan.

David seems to be back to his old, good-guy self when he asks his soldiers to be gentle with Absalom, which is sweet.  I also love the gentleman who wouldn't kill Absalom "'even if a thousand shekels were weighed out into [his] hands.'" (2 Sam. 18:12).  Absalom gets it anyway, but I do like to see that glimpse of humanity from random, nameless characters in the Bible. 

But friends, if we take nothing else away from this story, let us remember to watch our hair when riding our mules under large oaks.
2 Samuel 13-15
Psalm 3-4, 12-13, 28, 55,
2 Samuel 16-18
And now I'm all caught up!

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