Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I admit it!  Blogging has taken an absolute backseat in my bobsled now that the Olympics are on!  I can't get enough!  Let me just say these five words: Charlie White and Meryl Davis.  Eeeeee!  Could you just die?  His hair?  Her spriteliness?  It just makes me want to make up nonsense words like "spriteliness" I love them so!

Even as I obsess over the Olympics, there are things going on even more exciting.  And I'm not talking about my going to The Price is Right traveling show.  Even more exciting, if you can believe it.  Do you remember tiny Louisa?  From this post?  Friends, she went home from the hospital today.  And I can't even type about it without sobbing for joy.  This is an actual miracle from God's own hand.  A miracle.

Her doctors and nurses were skillful, no doubt.  She was in a fantastic hospital, for sure.  But I'm done short-changing God by mislabeling miracles.  It's not luck, or coincidence.  Christians, let's call these amazing events (big and small!) what they are!  Miracles. 

Here is more joy from a guy I've admired since I first saw his on-ice back flip.  If you ask me?  He's miraculous.

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