Sunday, January 26, 2014


I sat down at my computer yesterday, and my keyboard looked a little... off.

nEvEr lEt your two yEar old play with your computEr.
Like "E," I was not my usual self today.  I was crabby.  It was because I didn't get my way, and I wanted everyone to pay for it.  I'm totally ashamed, because it would have been a lovely day had I allowed it!  My Sunday School kids were darling, my daughter won her hockey game, I organized my junk drawer AND my nightstand (thank you!), and we finally got our new fireplace working.  But I opted to be an insane person instead.  I let my joy be pulled out from under me.  Just let it happen.  And then I read Louisa's story.

Louisa's Grandma was my daughter's kindergarten teacher, so I've been praying for Louisa, but I just found out about her blog today.  You will ache and sob reading today's post by her Daddy, but do you see the very end?  The part about the joy?  This family's faith is unstoppable.  They aren't allowing the joy of Jesus to leave them.  In fact, they are wrapping themselves up in His joyful truth as a means of coping with their sick baby.  It's enough to make your salty tears taste sugar sweet.  It's completely lovely.

Joy is a choice!  And why choose anything else?

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