Friday, January 17, 2014

All In the Family

Monday, my mom cleaned out the storage area at her house.  Tuesday, she showed up on my doorstep with... you guessed it!  A bunch of stuff for my storage area.  Including my old She-Ra action figures, my old cheerleading uniform, a box of birthday cards from my first birthday (and the candle that was on my first birthday cake!).  You know.  All kinds of things I don't want her to throw away, but I also don't want taking up space at my house.

Here is one thing she brought that I am over the moon about:
Knitting needles!  Glorious knitting needles!  Aren't they pretty?  And the case too.  It was all my Grandma's.  She died when I was four, but we lived with her, so I have some vague memories, and her knitting is one.  So my mom gave me these because, as Jen Hatmaker once wrote, "I wasn't having enough emotions that day."
Our families.  They leave us legacies- good and bad!  I just started doing a study on the book of Ruth.  As a Moabite, Ruth had some shameful ancestors.  She just did.  The Moabites were born of incest, which I didn't realize.  Yikes.  But she wound up the super great grandmother to Jesus.  Jesus! 
I didn't necessarily inherit my Grandma's mad knitting skills (boo!), and Ruth didn't inherit the disturbing behavior of  her ancestors (yay!).  Our families are huge parts of us and our lives, yes, but our relatives don't completely define us.  I love that God has a plan for every one of us, regardless of any baggage we may inherit.  And right this second?  I think his plan is for me to pick up my needles and get knitting!

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