Saturday, January 11, 2014

Girl Power

Yesterday I was listening to Family Life radio and Priscilla Shirer was talking about Ruth.  She said Ruth was arguably her favorite woman of the Bible.  It made me wonder... who is my favorite woman of the Bible?  I knew it would not be the Proverbs 21 wife who exists only to make me feel inadequate.  But who then?  I must have a favorite!  Luckily, I have an ancient book about the women of the Bible at my house (the program from my Mom's high school Baccalaureate is tucked in the book; it was a public high school, but the entire service was religious.  That's how old the book is.)

Here is the book- isn't it old-timey?

I leafed through the book to determine who my favorite woman of the Bible is.  Here are my top three: (I reserve the right to change my mind any time and every day if I like, by the way!)

Queen Esther:  I love that she was young and brave, but subtle.  What thirteen year old would risk death to help the Jewish people when she already had it made in the shade?  When I was thirteen I wouldn't risk walking to the mailbox if I had a zit (we had a really cute paperboy).  She saved God's chosen people without so much as whispering God's name, except I'm sure, in fervent prayer.  Her story proves God may not always be blatant, but he is always present.

Mary Magdalene: Does she give us hope or does she give us hope?!  She had not one, not two, but seven evil spirits.  That's seven more than most everybody I know and she was one of Jesus' favorites.  If she can make a comeback, surely I am not a lost cause.  Surely, none of us are.  Plus, Mary was utterly devoted to Jesus, and isn't that what we Christians aspire to?  Jesus brought her to her knees and he brought her to tears, and I just love her for it.

The Elect Lady:  The dark horse!  The wild card!  You didn't see this one coming, did you?!  It's actually the last woman of the Bible my new/old book lists.  John's Second Epistle was written to this lady (and her children).  An epistle for Christian mothers!  Glory!  My book says it best:
"... the Christian mother must also guard her home and her children against un-Christian ideas and behavior.  On this point the author of the Epistle is quite blunt: Christian mothers must be alert to the dangers posed to their homes and families by those who in every age teach false values." 

But no pressure, moms.

Do you have a favorite woman of the Bible?  Who is it?  You can tell me, even if you only pick Mary Magdalene because of her infamous red hair.  I would totally get that.

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